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Cerise Bouquet

A hybrid from R. multibracteata, Cerise Bouquet is a wondrous large, spreading plant which is covered spectacularly with cherry crimson blooms appearing in clusters all along the the long, thick arching branches of last year's growth.

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Cerise Bouquet

Type: Shrub

Registered Name: Cerise Bouquet

Height: 10 ft.

Spread: 15 ft.

Blooming: Once Blooming

Fragrance: Moderate Fragrance

Disease Resistance: Disease Resistant

Year Introduced: 1958 (1937)

Hybridizer: Kordes (Tantau)

Hardiness: Zone_5

RIR Rating: 8.1

Flower Size & Form: 2 inch double blooms borne in clusters.

Garden Usage: Specimen Plant, Landscape Shrub, Hedge Rose, Climber, Rambler, Pillar Rose

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