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Moje Hammarberg®

A good hardy rugosa rose which comes into flower earlier than most. Its lax stems make the bush wider than it is tall and could be used as a groundcover rose if so desired. The flowers are followed by traditional, large, red tomato-shaped hips.

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Moje Hammarberg®

Type: Hybrid Rugosa

Registered Name: Moje Hammarberg

AKA: Moje Hammarberg

Height: 3 ft.

Spread: 4 ft.

Blooming: Repeat Blooming

Fragrance: Strong_Fragrance.

Disease Resistance: Very Disease Resistant

Year Introduced: 1931

Hybridizer: Hammarberg

Hardiness: Zone 4

RIR Rating: NR

Flower Size & Form: 3 inch semi-double blooms borne in clusters of 3 - 5.

Garden Usage: Specimen Plant, Landscape Shrub, Hedge Rose, Groundcover Rose

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